Time Keeping FAQ

How do I sync with Android?

Follow this link to the Android Market and choose Install from the top left.

How do I Uninvite or Remove a Worker/Vendor from the System?

  • Log in as the Admin
  • Go to the Admin Tab
  • Go to the Manage Workers Sub Tab
  • Click the "uninvite" button next to the Users name and they will be unable to log into the system.

How do I Invite/Add a Worker/Vendor to the System?

1.  Log in to your eBillity Account under the Admin profile.
2.  Click the “Admin” tab in the top navigation, then the “Manager Workers” sub tab.
3.  You should see a list of Employees and Vendors in the list on this page (note: if not, you need to sync your Employees and Vendors from QuickBooks before you can continue).
4.  In order to enter time in the system, your workers need to have their email addresses entered on this page. You also need to give them access by clicking the “Invite” button by each worker’s name. You will see an “invited successfully”   message.

How Do I Make A Time Entry?

Click Here for Video Demonstration

How Do I Login with a Mobile App?

There are 4 steps that you need to be sure that you have completed before you will be able to login to the mobile app:

  1. if you are an Admin, make sure that you have "Invited" yourself to eBillity from the Admin > Manage Workers screen.  If you are not listed as an employee there, then make yourself an employee in QB and then sync to eBillity this will add you to the manage workers screen.
  2. Set your mobile password from the bottom right of the Dashboard.  This does not need to be the same as the password that you use to login to the Intuit Appcenter/Workplace.
  3. Be sure to download the eBillity Time Tracker for Intuit QuickBooks app from the appstore, not eBillity Mobile (that app is for the non-Intuit eBillity product)
  4. If you downloaded the app prior to October 26th, 2011 be sure to upgrade to the latest version, as the apps before that date did not work on IOS 5.

How Do I Create an Entry in Outlook?

To create a new entry in time keeping entry in Outlook simply click the "Add-ins" tab, choose the time keeping App and Select "New Time Entry"