Litigation Support

e-vos provides litigation support to law firms and expert witnesses in and around Charleston, South Carolina. Expert witness exhibits can improve the testimony and effectiveness of any expert witness in front of a judge or jury.  Courtroom exhibits can improve a courtroom presentation and help deliver the message in a clear and memorable manner.  Presentations are using technology inside the courtroom to improve litigation while document management systems can utilize cloud technology to improve discovery.

e-vos uses cloud technology to improve discovery by creating cloud based document management systems.  e-vos assists attorneys in managing large-scale litigation, designing and implementing databases for managing, sorting, indexing, and abstracting data produced in litigation. In addition to data management, e-vos will also provide litigation support with onsite document scanning.  e-vos document management will bring all of the equipment on location to assist attorneys who need to scan and sort documents away from the office.

 Court Room Exhibits 

 The most important aspect of trial or alternative dispute resolution for attorneys or expert witnesses is their message. The message being conveyed must be memorable and concise in order to be effective.  Today's presentations require visual demonstrations and exhibits in order to fully convey the message.  e-vos works with attorneys and expert witnesses who need support presentations, such as PowerPoint, to improve their presentation.  e-vos will build, rehearse, and manage the visual demonstration on site so the client can focus on delivering their message. 

 Discovery Support 

 Discovery can often be difficult and tedious with large numbers of documents being read, marked, and preserved for later use.  Attorneys should not worry about electronic equipment or computers during discovery.  e-vos helps clients remain organized and paperless during the discovery process by joining them on site with scanners and the equipment necessary to obtain and convert documents to an electronic format.  For large litigation e-vos can create cloud based document storage centers where documents can be stored, sorted, shared between parties, and easily searched.  The e-vos document centers include a built in search engine whose bots will crawl the content of all documents, even locked pdfs, become easily searchable.

 Data Management Systems 

 Litigation can become large enough where custom databases are required to manage information.  e-vos will work with law firms to create strategies for managing data and remaining organized throughout the litigation process.  Data management systems can include databases, email hosting and storage, shared calendars, shared task lists, and a host of other solutions which are tailored to the specific litigation and the parties involved..