About e-vos

e-vos is not a traditional IT company. Founded in 2011 on the principle most small businesses and professional practices can utilize cloud technology to improve their efficiency and profitability; e-vos assists clients in adapting to the ever changing economic climate while staying current with industry standards. Cloud based, practice management solutions tailored to the client offer the opportunity to reduce overhead by outsourcing many office tasks, including bookkeeping, document management and IT. By allowing clients to take advantage of cloud computing technology in an affordable, reliable and secure environment they gain the ability to return to their practice while expanding revenue. 

e-vos founders Jeb Molony and Chris Ashley realized the need to reduce high capital expenditures caused by IT is a common denominator many small businesses across industry face. They created e-vos as the solution to this problem. 

Today, e-vos offers affordable solutions hosted in a secure, cloud-based environment that renders traditional IT obsolete. e-vos levels the professional playing field by providing website design, bookkeeping and Enterprise level software to companies in a way that is manageable. Utilizing cloud computing offers clients the ability to do more than ever before in a cost effective environment which also allows remote and mobile access to all of your important information anywhere with an internet connection. Contact e-vos to find out how converting to cloud computing can help your business reduce overhead and increase profitability.